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We designed RocketGourmet to support and enhance the restaurant community.  We involved chefs, restauranteurs, service personnel, and even kitchen staff long before we wrote a code line to ensure that the company we built would add value to the restaurant community.


  1. Why should you work with RocketGourmet? We built RocketGourmet to support restaurants like you.  That means we do not tack on excessive fees, we do not have surge pricing, we do not send a parade of gig workers through your doors at the busiest times, and we do not deliver food that tastes half as good when it hits the table as it did when it left the kitchen.  Instead, RocketGourmet enables:
    1. Meal Integrity:  The Gourmet RocketBox approach allows you to design menus prepared in advance, delivered cold, and completed by the customer at home.  Now isn’t that better than having your kitchen staff work hard to prepare a perfect meal ready to be served with pride only to have that meal rapidly degrade while waiting for gig drivers, traffic, multiple stops, and the microwave?
    2. Kitchen Efficiency & Scheduling: Since meals are designed to be delivered cold and ordered in advance, RocketGourmet allows you to schedule shifts during slow periods to prepare and assemble your RocketBoxes.  That way, your Rocket Gourmet orders are out of the way and on ice well before your regular rush.
    3. Control: You set the menu, the price, delivery days, and total Gourmet RocketBoxe’s you are willing to sell on any given day/week. If you have a busy week, you can choose not to sell on RocketGourmet.  Alternatively, if you have excess kitchen capacity, you can increase your offerings.  The control is yours.
    4. Disruption Reduction: Just think about it – you can end the parade of underdressed gig workers blocking the curb in front of your restaurant, bugging your reception team, and hanging out at your bar waiting for orders and annoying your dinner guests.  With RocketGourmet, your to-go orders are gone long before the first dinners arrive because there is only one pick up early in the day.
    5. Consumer Range: RockGourmet engages with fully staffed consumer pick up points carefully selected within the region.  That means that consumers who live on the other side of town can pick up their orders where it is convenient for them.  If they are early or late — it is not your problem.  Our offsite concierge team is waiting to assist them.
    6. Quality & Exclusivity: We don’t work with everyone!  Our overriding objective is to provide consumers with a healthy choice of chefs and restaurants within any given region without overlapping cooking styles.  We are looking to promote and support the most interesting, innovative, and exciting chefs in town.  And to ensure this commitment, no restaurant can join RocketGourmet, without an invite from one of our existing member chefs.  After all, who knows better about what’s happening in the restaurant community than the chefs who are in the thick of the action.
    7. Shared Audience: When you join RocketGourmet, you can invite your audience to use the service.  Those that sign up become part of the RocketGourmet consumer community of dinners.  And of course, as a member restaurant, you get access to this ever-expanding list of consumers who enjoy ordering gourmet meals ready to be completed at home.
    8. Low Fees & Fast Payments:  Last but not least, we keep our fee structure reasonable and easy to understand.  And most important, we send you the balance weekly.  That’s right; we are not interested in holding onto your money for long periods.  Instead, every week we transfer to you precisely what is owed for the previous week’s orders.

Do you have any questions?  If so, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We are here to help.

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